electrifying blend of IDM, synthwave, breakbeat, and electro, crafting an immersive cosmic narrative that takes you on a high-speed journey through the far space.
Alex Grabchilev, the visionary artist behind Tasteofslow, embarked on his musical odyssey at the age of 13, driven by a profound affinity for saturated and deep sounds. His early inspiration stemmed from iconic figures in the music world such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Plaid, Chemical Brothers, Orbital. These influences laid the foundation for his unique sound palette, which deftly blends Space, Synth Wave, IDM, Breakbeat, Electro, Down Tempo, and Ambient genres. A key element of Alex's music creation is his passion for analog hardware synthesizers. This preference adds an authentic texture to his soundscapes, making his music a deeply resonant and tactile experience. Through Tasteofslow, Alex offers a unique auditory journey. His tracks are not just collections of sounds but pathways to explore the vastness of both sound and space. With deep, resonating beats and ethereal melodies, he invites listeners on a cosmic voyage, exploring the depths of the universe and the intricacies of the human experience. Alex's music is a continuous exploration, an evolving personal narrative that welcomes everyone to be part of this extraordinary sonic journey.
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