Hampi dreams

O, Hampi..you’re dreaming about your lapsed majesty !
Under a burning sun life still buzzes on your streets.
On your markets in a spicy noise merchants still trade their treasures.
In your temples, in a camphor myst, Ghee oil still springs to honor the Gods, while monotone mantras never stop to sound.
In your palaces, in the halls filled with light, celestial Apsaras still entertain sight with their beautiful dance, accompanied by sitar music.
In your dreams, ambassadors from all around the world, amazed with a wealth of Empire, spread the word about power of a mighty Kingdom of Vijayanagar
And when the night comes, you wake up under all this stars,abandoned, lost in a grass, bitted with a wind, and covered with time.
Your grace became an award for archeologists.
Your fame became history.
May the memories keep your best days alive.
Sleep well, all the vanity passed away