Easy Rider
Road Trip
Bike Trip

  Now it’s already 3 years passed since we’ve made an unforgettable motorbike trip across India – 2500 kilometers of miracles, going from North to South. And since then I madly wanted to repeat that journey. Recently we came to Bharata again and discovered that there will be a Festival of Arts and Crafts in a place called Kutch, Gujarat State. Of course we decided to travel there by bike. 
20 days, 3000 kilometres and tons of memories. We passed many farmer villages, gypsy’s camps, lowlands and mountains, camels and peacocks and turbans of all imaginable and inconceivable colors. Absolute joy was filling us. Every hill, every turn was revealing new world in which we wanted to dissolve, to leave in, to meet it inhabitants and watch their day to day life. But we moved further – our goal was hidden somewhere in the salt desert Great Rann of Kutch on the Pakistan border. 

Dowry Room
Clay Elements Of Interior
Traditional Ornament of Clay Hut Exterior

    Generally Kutch is a small peninsula on the north of Gujarat State, filled with a wide variety of ethnic groups and that fact was the most powerful magnet for us. When we finally arrived the place stroked us with a beauty and distinctiveness of local people. Their everyday clothes, amazing jewelry, interiors of their houses – everything was speaking about a rich cultural sensitivities. 

Girl From Meghwal Tribe

     We traveled a lot and were well rewarded – we were invited to live in a traditional village of Meghwal tribe in a carver’s family. Ancestors of this people were inhabiting lands of Rajasthan and were earning living by currying. They were not among local’s favorites because of their business and sarcophangy. Because of that they left Rajasthan and rediscovered their home in Kutch. 

Meghwal tribe
Old Woman Doing Embroidery
Silver Bracelets

    Meghwal are glorious by fancywork. All their costumes consist of openwork with inclusions of mirrors and jingle-bells. Wifedoms wear ivory rings on hands, heavy silver bracelets on legs, massive silver collar on neck and many elements with beads. Meghwal round clay huts are covered with wonderful patterns. Calm and peace prevails inside. 

Meghwal tribe
Kutchi Childrens

    We even were invited to the wedding that was to be held in a few days, but we were short on time – we had to come back to Rajasthan, but that is completely different story…